off-grid SID

Ssustainable Inteligent Dormitory


Currently, I have prepared a variant of an independent and self-sufficient home, which no longer requires such a degree of mobility and yet it can be placed practically anywhere for a long time. It is fully independent of networks and systems and it is a full-fledged small home. The equipment and technology correspond to the solution described in section How?.


The house is built on a solid steel frame and is designed for transport on a low truck basement. Subsequent placement using a crane.


The ground floor living area is roughly 21 m2, including bathroom and utility room. Two upper interconnected floors 7 and 9 m2 can be used as a bedroom and study. The SID is for 2-4 adults. As with ELY, the emphasis is on the maximum use of interior and exterior, on the versatility of equipment and the variability of furniture.

From the outside
From the inside