mobile ELA

Extremely Liberty Apartement


With ELA, you can safely drive on the road, even on the highway, as long as you keep to the minimum speed limit. The chassis has MOT and the house itself is kept as a load. It is not firmly connected to the chassis, but it is permanently mounted. This type of house weighs about 2,5 t and can be hitched, for example, behind a Toyota LandCruiser TDI 3 l diesel without any problems in the field.


It's herself residential area has roughly 10 m2, plus a classic bed 160 × 200 cm, located on the lower floor. A separate, externally accessible technical and storage pocket is about 2 m2. Of course, especially in the warmer months, one lives mainly outside. The large terrace with awning can be used as a second truck when moving. ELA is designed for 1-2 adults. Emphasis is placed on the maximum use of interior and exterior, on the versatility of equipment and the variability of furniture.

from the outside
From the inside