With the house I can safely on the road and on the highway if I keep the minimum allowed speed. The chassis has a “state technical inspection” and the house itself is carried as cargo. It is not rigidly attached to the chassis but is mounted. This type of house weighs circa 2,5 and pulls it behind the LandCruiser TDI 3 l diesel without any problems in the terrain . The mobile concept is not a prerequisite and can have several levels: full mobility (this case), partial (not on public roads), none.


Consideration must be given to how the land is available for the house. In my case, it is at least a slightly quality forest path. Naturally, they play the role of preference for locality, loneliness, availability of transport and services, work. Then it's just a question of an agreement with the landlord. No further permissions are needed.

Networks and energy

Electricity provides an island solar system located on the roof. Verified even in winter and is fully sufficient for the range of household appliances. The distributions are 12 V and 230 V via the inverter.

Heating, cooking, refrigerator, water heating provided by 10 kg propane butane bottle. Even in extreme frosts and full winter traffic, it is absolutely satisfying. Gas traffic is monitored by sensors. The house is completely insulated with 15 cm mineral wool.

Water is available in an internal 700 liter tank. It can be supplemented in various simple ways. The wiring is classical, all designed with a small pump and an expansion vessel. I did not defy the standard shower. I integrated a small dishwasher.

WC is separating, composting. What waste The aim was to get the maximum gray water flowing out of the house in the final. It can naturally be solved by a mobile septic tank.


It's herself residential area has roughly 10 m2 , I also enjoyed the classic bed 160 × 200 cm, located on the trigger floor. A separate, outside-accessible technical and storage pocket is about 2 m2 . Of course, especially in the warm months, one lives primarily outdoors. A large terrace with awning can be used as a second truck when moving.

The presented concept is designed for adult 1-2. Emphasis is placed on the maximum use of the interior and the exterior, the versatility of the equipment and the variability of the furniture. See What? Section. The above principles can be applied to projects of different sizes and uses (permanent housing, recreation, etc.)