How to self-sufficiency?


It is necessary to take into account how the land is available for the house. At the very least, it is at least a slightly good forest road. Naturally, preferences regarding location, solitude, availability of transport and services, work play a role. Then it's just a matter of agreement with the landowner. possibly notification at the office.

Networks and energy

Electricity provides an island solar system located on the roof. Verified even in winter and is fully sufficient for the range of household appliances. The distributions are 12 V and 230 V via the inverter.

Heating, cooking, refrigerator, water heating provides a 10 kg propane butane bottle. Even in extreme frosts and full operation in winter, perfectly satisfactory. Gas operation is monitored by sensors. The house is completely insulated.

Water is available in an interior of about 1 m3 tanks. It can be supplemented in various simple ways. The wiring is classic, everything is solved using a small pump and an expansion vessel. The bathroom has a standard shower. A dishwasher and washing machine are also integrated.

WC is separating, composting. What waste The aim was to get the maximum gray water flowing out of the house in the final. It can naturally be solved by a mobile septic tank.

No worry