Sustainable housing, independent of utilities and energy sources, is becoming an increasingly common topic, not just once a year, when an electricity invoice lands in the box. More and more people are thinking about how to effectively use resources that are self-sufficient and not needing others.

The current developments in the real estate market, the availability of mortgages, the complicated process of building permits and other matters make it a mere dream for the majority of the population.

It could be said that I am a wanderer and a loner. I have always been close to nature, I love freedom and beautiful views and scenery. I am attracted by the synthesis of the city and the wilderness. "Urban Jungle" where almost never would have been able to build a classical residential building.

Another level is energy self-sufficiency. There is a range of distorted and inaccurate information about the possibilities of using alternative energy sources. I really wanted to prove that even today's affordable technology will allow me to operate almost without the need for a fixed network connection. And without having to give up most of the civilization's conveniences, such as ordinary electrical appliances, the Internet, hot water, shower, kitchen, and so on.

My goal was to create full-fledged and affordable housing, with varying degrees of mobility. Be minimalist in size. One that can work almost anywhere.

This way of life naturally generates a series of question: Can it be combined with work? How is everything technically solved? Is a must, this concept to be mobile? Is it possible live this way like a couple / family?

After several years of practical life in a "house" I can answer most of the above-mentioned questions. The purpose of this presentation is to raise interest and provide the basic idea of ​​"that it goes". Feel free to take the first step towards your self-sustaining life: Contact me.